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“I lived in Akron in the early 70’s. Always loved Guy’s subs. I now live on Grand Island. My sister (who lives in Florida) came to visit and insisted on going to Guy’s for Canadian Bacon Sub. So we went and had our favorite subs. I had forgotten how much better Guy’s subs are. Now no other will do. Every time I go by Akron I have to stop and get subs.”


Laurie Martin – April 21, 2012 (via e-mail)

“Best subs in Akron. All their food is delicious. Friendly staff and big supporters in all local activities. They are always donating to organizations! Owners are top notch people.”


User “kkm68” – March 7, 2012 (on

“Best in WNY, maybe the northeast. The Costanza’s rolls with just the right ratio of meat, cheese, and veggies make for the perfect sub. If you are anywhere near Akron NY which is a great little village, check out Guys!”


User “Boombah49” – November 2, 2011 (on

“Not just a sandwich – a Guy’s Sub is unique. And heavenly! Love the salads and pasta too. Best in town. Local icon.”


Phoebe M. in Akron, NY – April 21, 2011 (on Yelp)

“Ah, whenever I come home I make sure to get a chicken finger sub.  I can’t think of one complaint, and for me, that’s saying something.  Not only are their subs delicious, but I am nostalgic, and going here reminds me of high school.”


Kate G. in Buffalo, NY – July 2, 2009 (on Yelp)

“A true one-of-a-kind place, way beyond the typical sub shop. The family recipes have been perfected over the years and the attention to subtle details makes a big difference – nothing like the generic sandwiches you get everywhere else. They have more than just subs. The Buffalo-style fish fry and Italian specials are wonderful.”


Benjamin O. in Akron, NY – August 28, 2008 (on Yelp)